Fit Conscious Happy offers digital courses, one on one instruction, lifestyle coaching, live classes and retreat workshops for Meditation, Movement and Manifestation.

Classes involve ancient Vedic teachings for meditation, and mindset as well as Quantum physics to help students and clients understand and experience the true nature of their reality, create the life they want and live out their highest expression.

"I enjoyed the meditation classes. They were very simple and easy steps to follow yet highly effective. Your teaching style was so relaxing, very open, you left lots of room for questions and discussion. 

It just felt so easy and comfortable. I have definitely incorporated this into my daily routine."

~Jeanine R.

"Loved listening to your intro! It was informative and easy to follow. Looking forward to Day 2! "

~Lois B.

"I met Rossana a few years ago after booking a memorable face-to-face meditation experience on her property in Joshua Tree, CA.

Although I live in Austin, TX., we recently reconnected because I was suffering from great anxiety and was having trouble finding my old Transcendental Meditation rhythms—so she spent some time listening to me carefully and provided a remote ‘decoupling’ session. But more importantly, she gave me a private meditation technique reboot session that has me on track now to do my daily TM with great efficacy and peace.

She integrated her Primordial Sound Meditation into my own practice with some profound new methods—mostly focused on ‘listening’ for one's mantra rather than chanting it too forcefully. The result: I am now enjoying deep ‘soft body’ meditations again. I recommend anyone wanting spiritual healing, deep listening, and meditation sessions with Rossana in person or remotely. Her wisdom and empathy go a long way."

~Chuck F.

What began as a love of exercise AND meditation combined, became one practice, when she got certified as an AFAA personal trainer, a Mindfulness Meditation/Sacred Breath teacher and founded Fit Conscious Happy in 2009.

Since that time, she has become a Certified Shamanic Life Coach and certified Practitioner of Traditional Usui Reiki. Her lifestyle coaching and classes blend ancient Kundalini yoga exercises with Native American teachings to help clients understand and experience their true nature.

In 2022, Rossana obtained a Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher certification through the Chopra Institute. She now joins Deepak Chopra and thousands of Chopra teachers world wide in the mission to have 1 Billion people meditating.

When we reach this tipping point, we will see profound changes in our world.

Peace begins in the heart of each individual and learning a simple, daily meditation can create peace and happiness while enhancing your life in so many ways as well as benefit the world at large.

Certified by the Chopra Center as a Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher

In spring of 2022, Rossana was named one of the top meditation teachers by the Coach Foundation.

Live Classes

Classes and workshops can be booked in Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, Los Angeles and other destinations in and around Southern California.

Primordial Sound Meditation:

Primordial Sound Meditation is similar to TM (Transcendental Meditation) and comes from the same Yogic lineage. Although it is called Primordial Sound Meditation, it is done silently with eyes closed. Just like deep sleep is rest for the body, Meditation is deep rest for the mind.

Primordial Sound Meditation is about taking the mind from its normal 'activity' (thoughts, ideas and emotions) into silence, the realm of infinite possibilities.

YOU 5D: Manifesting 101

At some point we all get stuck. Find ourselves lost in transition, crisis, an unresolved issue, or just going through the motions of day-to-day life, hoping that something will shake us out of our funk, make us feel alive again...Happy!

Are you ready to shift your life for the better using your thoughts, feelings and mindset? Book this 2 hour workshop for yourself or your group.


I offer a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation to see if Fit Conscious Happy classes or coaching is a good fit for you.

Please email to request one.

I also offer a one hour consultation to discuss an issue, problem or challenge and offer solutions and guidance.


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Los Angeles County Women's Leadership Conference 2022

On September 1, Rossana will be a featured speaker at the Los Angeles County Women's Leadership Conference. She will be speaking about using Meditation as a tool for self care. To learn more visit:

Inspiring Conversations with Rossana Jeran

Hi Rossana, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstory with our readers?

I am a Social Entrepreneur, Media Artist and Certified Meditation teacher. I have a diverse background from social work and arts management to philanthropy, private equity, the tech industry and Hollywood. But now, my disparate past is a blend of all my passions... Continue reading...